Mac Owners Beware

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If you are a Mac owner, then perhaps you are one of the more than 600,000 Mac owners who’ve sustained an attack by a piece of malware called Flashback. It is the price paid for success in this world – – you become a larger and more likely target for cyber criminals.

Make no mistake about it, too: Apple and Mac owners are victims of organized crime in all malware attacks. Individual computers are infected with malware for the purpose of taking control over it, unbeknownst to the computer owner. Once so infected, the computer joins the ranks of the hundreds of thousands who have also been infected, and that large army of computers form what is called a ‘botnet. Large ‘botnets then use the combined computing power of their ranks to attack websites and servers all over the world.

Apple has stepped up and is taking steps to respond and defend against these kinds of attacks. If you believe your Mac is one of the victims, or if you want to ascertain whether it is, Cape Specialists can help. Call us and we’ll make arrangements to inspect and determine what, if anything, you need to do.

The Internet is a dangerous place for those who are intent on mischief. Don’t let yourself become one of their victims. We can help.

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