Ready to make a move?

Out with the old, in with the new.

Ready to make the move to a new computer? We can skillfully migrate your entire “digital life” (documents, applications, music, photos, videos and more) to your new computer. With a little direction about your computer habits and needs, we will customize your new computer to meet and exceed your computing needs.

Just leave it with us and we’ll do the rest.

Commonly Provided


What information can we migrate?
We can migrate nearly anything. A partial list of the items we can migrate include Contacts, Desktop items, Downloads, Internet Explorer Favorites, Web Browser bookmarks, Documents, Music, Videos, and more.
What if I need my applications migrated over?
We’re happy to transfer over any applications from your old computer. We’ll do the heavy lifting to ensure your applications are compatible, configured correctly, updated, and licensed properly.


“Cape Computer Specialists has serviced my Macs since I moved to The Cape from Maui a year and a half ago. Recently, they loaded all my apps and files (500GB) from my G-5 to my new iMac 27″ and upgraded my OS and apps. Their works has always been flawless, painless and cost-effective. I have been very happy with their service and will continue to use them for all my Macs (4) and refer them to friends, my students and clients.”