Custom built just for you!

Your computer. Your way.

Looking for a new computer but don’t like what you see in stores? Why not commission a custom built computer from the experts at Cape Cod Computer Specialists! We can design and build a custom computer that fits your needs.

Why would I want a custom built machine?
Custom built computers are tailored to you. Also, most custom built computers are much higher quality than retail machines because of the use of higher quality components. They’re also built to last longer than their retail counterparts.

  • Gaming
  • Stocking Trading
  • AutoCAD
  • Video editing / rendering
  • Music editing / production
  • Multi-monitor

What exactly can I customize?
Just about everything can be customized. There are so many things to consider from performance to appearance. We’ll work closely with you to make the process of building a custom computer a breeze.

Cool! Can I customize a computer that would be cheaper than ones in the store?
Unfortunately not. Custom built computers are almost always more expensive. The quality of a custom computer is much higher than something preassembled.

Cape Cod Computer Specialists can build you the computer you’ve been dreaming about.