“It needs maintenance?”

Regain Speed. Regain Control.

It’s like an oil change, and your computer probably needs it. Let us keep everything running smoothly. Similar to your car, your computer requires maintenance from time to time. Have our trained team of technicians get their hands dirty to tweak and tune your computer to perfection. Our thorough computer tune-up service is designed to uncover, identify, and resolve computer performance issues. If your computer doesn’t feel as fast as you remember and you want to ensure it’s running at its best, give us a call.

It’s like an oil change, and your computer probably needs it. Let us keep everything running smoothly.

Commonly Provided

  • Diagnostics of computer performance problems
  • Performance hardware installation & upgrades
  • Memory upgrades
  • Removal of unwanted applications such as bloatware and trial software
  • Elimination of viruses, spyware, and adware
  • Optimization of computer start-up and shutdown speed
  • Installation of the latest updates for stability, security and performance
  • Cleanup of disk space by removing junk files and temporary files
  • Defragmentation of hard drive for fastest speeds
  • Repair of OS to resolve blue screens, errors, and corruption
  • Removal of dust from computer interior to improve cooling


How much faster will my computer perform?
The resulting speed from a Computer Tune-Up will vary from computer to computer. We will provide you all the information you need to know about getting the most out of your current system.

Is my computer worth tuning?
We’ll let you know to the best of our ability if we feel your computer is not worth tuning due to its age or the power of its hardware. If your computer can’t handle your needs, we can help you transition onto a more modern system. We offer a wide variety of systems that can meet your particular performance needs.


“My laptop was under the weather.  I took it to Cape Cod Computer Specialists, They made my computer  good as new.  It was very fast service, only one day.  The price was right too!”

“I’ve called [CCCS] a few times to help me with computing problems. [CCCS] has always been quick, and had me up and running again smoothly. I highly recommend this group, very courteous too.:-)”