“Computers can catch viruses too?”

Don’t let the bad guys win. Reclaim your digital life.

Computers are susceptible to infection just like anyone else. Similarly enough, a computer virus can be contagious too. Viruses spread from system to system via infected files and compromised websites. Something as benign as an email attachment or a picture downloaded from the web could be the source of an infection. Once infected your system can experience security issues, instability, slow performance, unwanted advertisements, and more.

If your computer is experiencing slowness, popups, or erratic behavior. Call in for a free opinion.

What’s Included

  • Removal of all malicious software on computer including viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and root-kits
  • Installation of free essential anti-virus protection
  • General repairs to Windows often necessary after aggressive virus infestation
  • Installation of security updates for Windows and third-party software


How do I know if I have a virus?
There are many signs that your computer could have an infection. Pop-ups, slow performance, inability to launch programs, erratic behavior, etc. Sometimes you may not notice anything different at all. If you’re uncertain to whether you have a virus visit us for a free opinion.
So I’m infected, what’s next?
Take a deep breath and relax. Your infected computer can be cured. Make sure to power off your computer to ensure no more harm can be done. Give us a call and we will take care of the rest. Don’t delay as an infection can worsen.
What sorts of viruses can we remove?
We work to remove any type of malicious software discovered. Spyware, adware, Trojans, etc. This includes the infamous Crytowall and Cryptolocker viruses.
Can viruses come back?
Infection is always possible. By utilizing proper anti-virus protection and practicing healthy habits you will help keep you safe. Included in our virus removal service is complimentary free essential anti-virus protection to minimize your risk of reinfection.


“Brought my severely infected PC to CCCS.  They analyzed the problem, told me what it was, got permission to go forward and fixed it within about 4 days.  [CCCS] was awesome to deal with.  They are knowledgeable and professional.  Had I realized that they also sold computers, I would have bought one there instead of Worst Buy where the only goal is to sell merchandise.  I highly recommend CCCS.”

“Though our daughter was able to restore my settings ,my poor computer needed cleaning and updating(had a potentially bad virus). Called made an appointment and [CCCS] did a wonderful job taking care of all the issues. [CCCS] was punctual,informative and professional.I would definitely use this company again and would highly recommend them. Thank you [CCCS] ,Jane L. Mashpee Ma.”