Lost Data?

Resurrect your digital life. We support data recovery on all these types of devices, and more:

Mac OS X | Windows | RAID / NAS / SAN Storage Arrays | Solid State Drives (SSD) | Hard Disk Drive (HDD) | External Drives | USB Flash Drives | Laptops | Desktops | Servers | Camera Cards | CD/DVD/Blu-Ray | CCTV Security Camera DVR NVR

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Backup, backup, backup. We’ve all heard it a thousand times before. Unfortunately accidents happen. Fortunately we can recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or pretty much any other device that can store data. Prices vary depending on your individual recovery needs and the state of your lost data.


What information can we recover?
Our Data Recovery Service is designed to recover just about anything. From documents and photos to custom business databases we’ll attempt to recover any and all data requested.

Can you recover password protected files?
We can recovery password protected files if the password is provided. File recovery for password protected files is not guaranteed if password is not provided.

What can we recover files from?
We can recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card, DVDs, CDs, or pretty much any other device that can store data. We can even recover files from old computers that aren’t working or don’t turn on.

Is all data recovery done in-house?
Cape Cod Computer Specialists provides in-house data recovery for the most common types of data loss. In situations of extreme data loss (fire, flood, mechanical failure) we work with our partner, DriveSavers. to meet and exceed your needs. Thanks to our special partnership we can save you 10% on any data recovery service through DriveSavers!

Can I have a coupon code/promo code for discounted DriveSavers pricing?
Of course. Use the promotional code DS26124 to save 10% off your DriveSavers Data Recovery service.


CCCS provided prompt and professional data recovery services. As someone not well versed in computer repair, their communication was informative and empowering. They went above and beyond to save all possible data for me and get them back in my hands.

I was very happy with the service!!

We are a small business office and had tried to do everything ourselves which was very frustrating and time consuming.  Our server decided to stop working one day and we were in a panic. We ordered a new one and dreaded the install so we decided to look for outside help.  Cape Cod Computer Specialists was at our office within a day.  Noah hooked it up, installed all the software, connected our computers to it and we were up running – woooohoooo!!!  Our next step was to upgrade three other computers in the office and they took care of that too!!  I can’t even begin to explain that they are exactly what we need for IT support.  Everything is hooked up correctly as it should be and running better than it ever has!!  We don’t know how we did without them all these years!!!  Thank you Noah & the crew at Cape Cod Computer Specialists!

They rescued our data from a crashed hard drive and they were very fair with their pricing.