Got a new computer?

Setup your computer right, the first time.

We can help. Our computer setup service will establish your new computer with the latest Windows updates and essential software. When you buy a new computer it’s hard to resist jumping right in. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Let us keep your computer safe by installing Antivirus Protection, and installing essential software that will allow you to tackle nearly any project. That way you can hit the ground running.

With our Computer Setup, your computer will have a fighting chance against viruses with proper virus protection. Keep in mind though that you’re not invincible. Safe browsing habits will decrease your chance of infection.

What’s Included

  • Installation of Essential Applications
  • Installation of Anti Virus and Anti spyware protection
  • Removal of unwanted programs and trialware
  • Installation of the latest Windows Updates and system patches
  • Creation of User Accounts


What is Essential Software?
Essential Software is a custom tailored software package we created with you, the user in mind. It contains Virus Protection, Web Browser Plug-Ins for Media Rich Webpages, Word Processing, and more!
What are Windows Updates?
Windows Updates are updates released by Microsoft to tackle security issues, and help improve performance. Almost every day another update is released. We’ll make sure you’re all up-to-date and configure to get all future updates automatically.


“I recently worked with…Cape Cod Computer Specialists to identify and purchase a computer that would better address my needs..  I ended up purchasing a laptop that was quite different from what I had initially envisioned buying when I contemplated the thought of replacing my old computer.  [CCCS] listened to what I was saying when I explained to him how I intended to use the computer and spoke to me in plain English as opposed to technical jargon.  [Their] solution was both elegant and practical. [CCCS] transferred my existing software to the new computer as well as my files.  The fee for [their] services was fair and well worth the cost.  In addition [CCCS] also cleaned out my old computer restoring it to the way it was when I originally purchased it.  Instead of getting rid of it we are going to use it to stream movies through  our entertainment system.  I dreaded the whole process of buying a new computer. [CCCS]…turned a chore into an experience and are available to answer questions during my learning curve. I am happy with my purchase. I am delighted with…Cape Cod Computer Specialists.”