Add a Start Menu to Windows 8

If the lack of a start menu in Windows 8 is getting on your nerves fret no longer. 3rd party start menus are more than happy to help add the familiar functionality back into Windows 8. In the meanwhile Microsoft has been releasing a magnitude of Windows 8 updates to add additional functionality and simply ease of use. Looking past the new interface Windows 8 is a solid operating system full of new features, better performance, and stellar security. Strap on your training wheels (start menu) and plunge in the depths of Windows 8.


Common Windows 8 Start Menu Features:

  • Boot to Desktop
  • Start Menu customization (Windows XP, Vista, 7 appearance)









Start8 is our personal recommendation. Priced at $5 Start8 does a fantastic job at replicating the start menu. Be sure to register your trial, purchase, or uninstall the trial once it expires as you may have issues otherwise.

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Start8 Download Link


Classic Shell:














Classic Shell is a free Start Menu replacement. Containing the majority of Start8’s feature set it makes a great alternative.

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